Dairy Delight Cow Boarding, a Michigan family-run farm, has been providing boarding services for our customers since 2007.  We take care of your cows so that you can enjoy the healthy benefits of raw, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, DELICIOUS, REAL milk.  We are located 10 miles north of Howell, in Livingston County.  Give us a call to plan a visit to the farm.


Cow eating grass


Thinking of switching to raw milk?  You won’t believe the wonderful benefits!

Take the time to learn how healthy raw milk can be for you and you’ll

be tempted to never buy the pasteurized and homogenized stuff again!


The Dairy Herd Share program at Dairy Delight is a member-only organization.  Our members want to consume raw milk from their own dairy herd, yet do not have the resources to house their herd on their own property.  This is where Dairy Delight, LLC comes in to help.

We provide room and board for our member's dairy herd and charge accordingly.  Since the members own a percentage of the herd, they are legally allowed to come onto the farm and collect their fair share of the available milk from the bulk tanks located in the milk house.

Deliveries of member owned milk is not available.  All herd share members travel weekly to the farm to pick up their weekly share amount.

Since the herd size is relatively constant  and we strive to keep production constant throughout all four seasons, our members can count on a specific weekly amount of freshly squeezed unpasteurized milk.

Call or email us to set up a time for you to visit and see your new working pets in action.


The current milking herd is just under 40, with new heifers coming up each year.

The herd is relatively diverse.  It consists of Jerseys, Milking Shorthorns, and a few Dutch Belted with Milking Shorthorn/Jersey and Jersey/Dutch Belted crosses among them.  A Guernsey bull has been recently added, so new crosses are coming.

Our current breeding plan for our herd share members includes breeding for A2 beta-casein protein in milk.  There is some evidence that A1 beta-casein protein may contribute to health and digestive problems.  While the jury is still out on the scientific research front regarding the problem with A1, we have made the decision to breed our herd into A2A2 genetics. Our resident Guernsey  bull is A2A2.

The herd ranges year round on our rotating pastures.  Dried molasses is used during the grazing season in the barn during milking. We have been a grain free feeding operation since 2015.

When you visit the farm you will see first hand that there is no pesticide or chemical herbicides used on the farm - anywhere.  When it comes to a life threatening health crisis, antibiotics are used on the cows. However, we employ a host of more traditional herbal remedies first.  The herd never receives any hormones or GMO crops of any nature.